Misterio Quartz New Trend on Countertops Kitchens

Misterio Quartz is one of the most popular Marble and Granite Quartz stone. It is bright with yet a soft grey veining throughout the slab. Misterio marries well with every colour.

The veins in the Misterio slab go all the way through the body of the stone side to side. This gives a depth perspective. The grey veining ranges from light to dark and can be mild yet look like they are alive. It is of high quality and stain resistant.

Certainly as we can see in this kitchen countertop that we installed, we can realize that there are not too many veins and that the veins that go between ties are unfolding in the white background quartz but in a distanced way.

Misterio is definitely a White quartz with a very delicate design.

The good thing about installing Mystery Quartz on the kitchen countertop, is that because of its white background and very thin veins, it allows us to choose a wide variety of designs depending on your style. You can go from a completely classic style to a more striking and aggressive design.
8 Things About Quartz (Engineered Stone) Countertops

Perhaps Many people are savvy enough to understand that so called "QUARTZ" countertops are somehow different from other natural stone countertops. Even have a vaguely understand that quartz countertops are actually a form of engineered stone, made from ground-up particles of stone bound together with technological advanced age plastic resins.

Quartz countertops are more unusual than you realize, though, as you'll see.

All Quartz Countertops Come From One Source

In 1963, the technology of creating engineered stone was developed by a company in northeast Italy, who licensed the process under yourr own firm. Over 50 years later, Breton is still alive and kicking. The process consists of blending pulverized natural stone aggregate with a mix of polymers, removing the air, then heating and shaping the material into slabs that have the hardness and appearance of natural stone.
More Quartz Means Lower Granite Prices

According to a report from the Freedonia Group, quartz countertops are continuing to take over granite's market share. Homeowners who in years past might have chosen slab granite are increasingly choosing quartz.

But this has one fortunate side-effect for anyone who wants to install granite: lower prices due to lesser demand. Freedonia notes that "granite prices declined over the last decade, making the material more widely available."

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Misterio Quartz

Misterio Quartz

Misterio Quartz is one of the most popular Marble and Granite Quartz stone. It is bright with yet a soft Read More
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